RITTENHOUSE The Journal of the American
Scientific Instrument Enterprise

Index of Past Issues

This Journal aims to increase and diffuse knowledge about scientific instruments made and/or sold in the United States and the Americas. The areas covered include mathematical, optical and philosophical instruments, chemical, physical and electrical apparatus, sundials and globes. The time period covered is from the 17th to the mid-20th century.

RITTENHOUSE was founded in 1986 with Deborah Warner as editor and with David & Yola Coffeen, and Ray Giordano, as co-publishers. After 23 years of continous publication, with a total of 70 issues, the journal ended as a print publication. It continued as on-line eRittenhouse for several years, under the leadership of Randall Brooks.

ALL BACK ISSUES are available from Tesseract (mail@etesseract.com)